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ROBERTO MENESCAL & WANDA SÁ │ Declaration of intent

Roberto Menescal & Wanda Sá , presented (04/20/2010) their new work at the Modern Sound Musical Space. from Copacabana │ Rio de Janeiro (RJ). The CD is titled " Declaração".

Both artists demonstrated once again that “A Bossa ainda é Nova” (The Bossa is still New) and that this duo of artists is certified in dissonant notes, musicality, elegance and good taste.

Roberto Menescal & Wanda Sá (04/20/2010)
Roberto Menescal & Wanda Sá (04/20/2010)

The entire album is a true declaration of intentions, with well-known songs such as “Vagamente ”, “Paisagem Inútil” and interesting new releases such as “Sandálias Felizes” , “Ninguém” , or the song itself “Declaração”.

The deep and refined voice of Wanda Sá stands out , always supported as a caress by the intelligent and clean chord sequences of maestro Menescal's " violão " (guitar).

"...they are the most beautiful secrets that I want to offer you │ kiss on the mouth smiling and only we know why...

How beautiful our city that illuminates the walkways for love │ The waves of the sea and in the retina, the Arpoador."

With a completely full Modern Sound (" lotada " as the Cariocas would say), with tables reserved for several weeks, we lived an exciting night full of magical moments, enjoying intimate music of great quality, a circumstance that is increasingly rare in the current musical scene...

It was a real gift. A true privilege.

Exciting moment, when Menescal at the end of the show discovered a large photo with his image on the main panel of the Mega Music Store area.

This famous photographic gallery is dedicated to the most important artists of Brazilian Popular Music (MPB), Bossa Nova and Jazz.

Now his image in his own right will be accompanying those of Tom Jobim, João Gilberto, Elis Regina, João Donato, Nara Leão, Carlos Lyra, Cartola, Noel Rosa, Pixinguinha, etc.

Congratulations Wanda & Menescal │ Bossa Nova thanks...!

Roberto Menescal & Carlos Anglada │ Bossa Nova Clube
Roberto Menescal & Carlos Anglada │ Bossa Nova Clube


► The famous Modern Sound - Mega Music Store was located at Rua Barata Ribeiro, 502 in the Copacabana neighborhood │ Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

Moder Sound │ Rua Barata Robeiro, 502 │ Copacabana
Moder Sound │ Rua Barata Robeiro, 502 │ Copacabana

The city's leading music store had 3 well-differentiated spaces:

▲ Own space for the exhibition of thousands of national and imported CDs and DVDs.

In the large central space, there were large wooden displays that were strictly divided by the most diverse musical styles.

They were "smart" counters, which visually showed visitors and customers what was the main musical style of the performer, musician, group and/or artist initially sought.

Choro, Samba (with its different aspects), Brazilian Popular Music (MPB), Bossa Nova and a long etc. were represented there.

As a curiosity, comment that João Gilberto was classified as "timeless."

Arranged scrupulously and alphabetically, in those large counters you could find all the new works by active artists, as well as out-of-catalogue references.

Modern Sound boasted of having a proportional stock of each reference, depending on its importance within the musical panorama.

All this order and logistics was in charge of the efficient and friendly De Moraes . A true "human encyclopedia"...!

▲ Another well-defined space was the one intended for concerts called " pocket-shows ."

The small stage for these events was surrounded by tables and had a name: Allegro.

At the back there was a large bar counter, a refuge for last-minute visitors, who settled there until capacity was reached.

Record presentations and concerts were free. I remember that (depending on the type of event), you had to reserve a table several weeks in advance.

The atmosphere and musical quality experienced at that time at Modern Sound in Copacabana would be difficult to improve today.

Modern Sound │ Mega - Music Store │ Copacabana │ Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Modern Sound │ Mega - Music Store │ Copacabana │ Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

▲ A third space (perhaps the least known) was the so-called " porão " (basement).

This was always my favorite place. In it were the vinyls.

Records from inheritances and bulk sales. Unlike at the top, there was little "order and concert", if not none...

Along the walls and full of dust, hundreds, thousands of records in 33 1/3 LP format, 45 rpm singles and some rare 78 rpm compact were piled up in clear disorder.

By dedicating time and effort, you could find real treasures there. It was a collector's paradise.

Within the Blog of this website in the Vinyl section, it is planned to detail some of the acquisitions from different periods.

► To everyone's surprise, the emblematic Modern Sound closed that same year 2010 with a brief note placed on both sides of the main door:

Modern Sound

1966 - 2010

We inform our valued clients and friends that, as of 12/31/2010,

Modern Sound will no longer serve in its traditional direction,

from C/ Barata Ribeiro, 502 in Copacabana.

Despite all our efforts, unfortunately it has not been possible to overcome the

loss caused by technological evolution that affects our entire business chain.

A circumstance that, together with the issue of copyright, has accelerated the commercial end.

We thank all the clients who, during these 45 years,

They gave us prestige and were the reason for our success.


Pedro Passos

Founding Partner

► And now in 2022, in the temporal distance of more than a decade, I can only say:

Dear Pedro, thank you for your work and dedication │ And saudades, lots of saudades...!

PS ► This post was originally edited in www, on 05/13/2010

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