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RIO DE JANEIRO Project │ "Your Travel Guide"

We want to inform all Desafinados, that starting this month of September (2021) onwards, we are going to start a new editorial section called: " RIO DE JANEIRO Project Your Travel Guide "

Philosophy of " Your Travel Guide ":

It is a global and thematic project that was born from the need to be able and want to transmit to the reader all the places, charms and secrets of the city of Rio de Janeiro (RJ), birthplace of Bossa Nova since the late '50s.

Our objective is in the different " posts " to provide a clear, truthful and timely knowledge of the Rio city, so that it can serve as an orientation and authentic "Travel Guide" to the future visitor bound for the " Cidade Maravilhosa ".

Pão de Açúcar │ Sugar Loaf │ Sugar Loaf
Pão de Açúcar │ Sugar Loaf │ Sugar Loaf

► The title of the first post will be: "10 main tourist places to visit"....!

The introduction of said first article or " post " will say like this: "When we think about the city of Rio de Janeiro (RJ) it is difficult to synthesize...

This ancient capital of Brazil boasts of having the most exuberant and spectacular natural beauties on the Planet.

Its extensive urban forest called " Mata Atlântica ", its numerous hills and imposing mountains " morros ", its famous oceanic beaches, its lakes, lagoons and waterfalls, mark the Rio city with its personal charm and unparalleled appeal"...

The 10 essential places to visit in Rio are:

Pão de Açúcar │ Jardim Botânico │ Copacabana │ Barrio de Santa Teresa │ Cristo Redentor │ Estadio de Maracanã │ Arcos da Lapa │ Confeitaria Colombo │ Bar Garota de Ipanema │ Feira Hippie de Ipanema.

Subjectively, to edit this first article about the city of Rio de Janeiro, we had to select a lot from the thousand and one interesting places that Rio de Janeiro offers.

With the result in sight, sincerely comment that in reality they are "everyone who is there", but not "everyone who is there"...

We will regularly complete in depth with new editions, the puzzle "Río Ciudad" and the extensive "Río Estado" with its incredible surroundings, authentic lost paradises.

The future post ends: "Every day in Rio de Janeiro is of such a high emotional condition that you continually have the impression of living something unrepeatable."

To be continue │To be continued...

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