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More than 10 years have passed since that " Os Cariocas " Concert in Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

The presentation took place in the traditional Rival Theater in Cinelândia, a square located in the heart of the city of Rio.

The reason for the event was the celebration of the 65-year career of this fantastic and emblematic musical-vocal group.

Teatro Rival │ Rua Álvaro Albim, 33 │ Cinelândia (RJ)
Teatro Rival │ Rua Álvaro Alvim, 33 │ Cinelândia (RJ)

Giving a little history, I would like to comment broadly that the group was formed in the early 1940s and that the Os Cariocas lineup was originally composed of Ismael Neto, Severino Filho, Salvador and Tarquínio.

The turning point of Os Cariocas occurred in 1962, where the vocal group received the proposal from the producer Aloisio de Oliveira to participate in a musical show, which due to its impact and significance at the time, became legendary until the present day.

This show, baptized with the name of " O Foundo ", took place at the " boate " (nightclub) " Au Bon Gourmet ", located near Praça Lido in the Copacabana neighborhood.

The co-stars of Os Cariocas were none other than Antônio Carlos Jobim , Vinícius de Moraes and João Gilberto .

To this wonderful, historic and unrepeatable cast, we would still have to add Otávio Bailey on double bass and the great drummer Milton Banana, considered the best Bossa Nova drummer of all time.

The extraordinary show " O Donde ", which lasted 45 days, represented the official public presentation of mythical songs such as " Samba do Avião ", " Samba de umanota só ", " Só danço Samba ", " Corcovado " and the emblematic " Garota of Ipanema " among others.

Ao Bom Gourmet │ Copacabana │ "O Foundo" (1962)
Ao Bom Gourmet │ Copacabana │ "O Foundo" (1962)

To this day, the inexplicable laziness and/or lack of foresight of the event's producers and organizers is lamented for not having professionally recorded these shows.

Fortunately, there are some particular recordings that perfectly show the climate, the magic and the astral high of those concerts at the " Au Bon Gourmet " in Copacabana.

Due to its significance in the history of Bossa Nova , we believe that it is worth focusing in more depth on the topic " O Foundo " in the future, publishing a future thematic post with some original photographs and domestic .mp3 recordings of that show that has already become a legend and/or historical reference of Brazilian music.

Returning again to the Teatro Rival concert, it is worth saying that although the current line-up does not have much to do with the initial one from the 40's, the current group maintains all the tradition and essence of the past, in perfect balance with the present, repertoire, and good musical taste.

Current lineup of Os Cariocas ► (left to right):

Neil Teixeira : 3rd voice │ double bass │ electric bass

Maestro Severino Filho : 1st voice │ piano │ arrangements

Elói Vicente : 4th voice │ violin │ guitar Fabio Luna : 2nd voice │ drums │ flute

The repertoire of Os Cariocas is a careful selection of standard songs converted over the decades into the great Bossa Nova classics . Songs like " Samba do Avião" , " Samba de umanota só" , " Você" , " Só danço Samba" , " Corcovado" , " Garota de Ipanema" , " Ela é Carioca" , " Desafinado" , Chega de Saudade" , " Samba de Verão" , etc...

The songs in impeccable harmonic sequence are performed respecting the composition, structure and original melody with 4 voices in perfect balance, with sophisticated harmonies and risky vocal arrangements.

Os Cariocas │ Teatro Rival (RJ) │ Friday, Sept 23. 2011
Os Cariocas │ Teatro Rival (RJ) │ Friday, Sept 23. 2011

Throughout the show, Os Cariocas accompanied some of their songs with small anecdotes and/or short stories, like the one told by Maestro Severino Filho (the veteran of the group) when, at an event of the time, they informally commented on the fashionable duo. formed by Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes to compose a song for them that deals with the issue of Brazilian women.

After 10 days, the song was ready.

That casual request gave rise to the song " Ela é Carioca" .

And history says that they were the first to record this mythical song on their LP " Mais Bossa com Os Cariocas " in 1963. Another important comment on the night was the inclusion in the repertoire of the song " Quero você " , from the film " Os DeSaFiNadOS " (2008). This beautiful song was composed in words and music by the pianist and composer Newton Mendonça . The choice of this song is an explicit tribute by Os Cariocas to this great musician and composer practically forgotten by the Media and/or without due recognition until today.

Newton Mendonça was also inexplicably practically ignored at the Biennial marking the 50th anniversary of the birth of Bossa Nova.

Almost at the end of the first part of their show, Os Cariocas ended with another anecdote, stating that they are so well received and so loved in Japan, that they composed a Bossa Nova in tribute to the eastern country, including words in Japanese.

The song is called " Moshi Moshi", which means " Hello Hello". In the second part of the concert, they invited the pianist and composer Marcos Valle to play with them , who performed with this choir of luxury voices, two of his most representative songs: " Jet Samba" and the legendary " Samba de Verão" .

As Roberto Menescal tells in his autobiographical book " O Barquinho vai ": I remember perfectly as if it were today, a young teenager, a student at our violão academy, who, very shyly and I can even say with some embarrassment, one day commented: " Roberto, can I show you a song I just finished"... ? Of course yes, I replied.

After listening to it several times, I was amazed by that new harmony. In that song was the synthesis and philosophy of that Rio de Janeiro that we lived in and that no longer exists... I told him: It's fantastic, you have to record it and record it, since it will surely be a great success... ! The young student was Marcos Valle , and the song was called " Samba de Verão" , which became one of the Bossa Nova anthems of all time.

That Friday, 09/23/2011, I was able to hear " Samba de Verão " live by Marcos Valle for the first time , and I wanted to comment that it is a unique, authentic emotion.

I think it could be comparable to seeing José Feliciano live sing " Que sera ", Santana in " Black Magic Woman", The Beatles in " Yesterday ", or Frank Sinatra performing " My way " to give a few examples (personal opinion ).

In short, I attended a show of great musical quality where on stage was an outstanding musical-vocal ensemble performing with 4-voice polyphony and great rhythmic effects, a careful repertoire made up of the best of Bossa Nova of yesterday, today and always...!

Carlos Anglada │ Bossa Nova Clube & Severino Filho │ Os Cariocas
Carlos Anglada │ Bossa Nova Clube & Severino Filho │ Os Cariocas

Thank you and congratulations to Os Cariocas for this unforgettable night...!


Maestro Severino Filho , the only representative of the original group of Os Cariocas , died a few years after that Concert.

Specifically, it was on the morning of March 1, 2016, at the Quinta D'Or Hospital in São Cristóvão, in the northern area of Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

As if it were a wink of fate, the city of Rio de Janeiro (RJ), where Severino Filho lived and for which he sang throughout his life, turned 451 years old that same day.

With Severino Filho the name of " Os Cariocas " officially died. Currently, there is another vocal quartet with practically the same components called the " Quarteto do Rio ".

Maestro Severino Filho , with his proven bossADNova , leaves us in hundreds of recordings the entire essence of Bossa Nova , that music that lives in the heart of the " Desafinados " around the world, that does not understand fashions and that continues to conquer musical feelings. Dear Severino Filho , receive my love and emotional gratitude for so many songs that you made eternal. Obrigado Master...!

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