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NAOMI & GORO │ Bossa Antiga

It is a joy when you have the opportunity to meet and/or listen for the first time to musicians in the most traditional and authentic Bossa Nova vein.

This is the case of the Japanese Naomi & Goro , who with several albums released of Chillout music in their professional beginning, decided to definitively redirect themselves towards the most legitimate Bossa Nova , with two very interesting recent works called " Bossa Nova Songbook 1 " ( 2008) and " Bossa Nova Songbook 2 " (2009).

Naomi & Goro │ Bossa Nova "made in Japan"
Naomi & Goro │ Bossa Nova "made in Japan"

The repertoire of both CDs could not be more classic and full of standard songs.

They are so faithful to the harmonies of the original composers and/or artists, that without plagiarizing, you can guess in their songs pimceladas or “gestures” of Tom Jobim , João Gilberto, Jaques Morelembaum, Tião Neto, Roberto Menescal and even Astrud Gilberto.

The CD " Bossa Nova Songbook 2" (2009) includes one of the scarce half-dozen songs in which João Gilberto inspires them as a musical composer and/or lyricist. This is the case of the song " Minha Saudade" , composed in 1958 by two practically unknown young people who shared its authorship 50/50. Those young people were called João Donato who composed the melody and João Gilberto who wrote the lyrics.

The story goes that at the end of the last century these two musicians and already artists of recognized worldwide prestige, met by chance at a social event in the city of Rio de Janeiro (RJ). After the initial greeting and the always recurring evocation of the old days gone by, in direct reference to that Rio de Janeiro that no longer exists, Donato, in a circle of mutual friends, openly commented to João Gilberto:

João Donato : "Ah..., do you remember João, that song we composed together at the beginning of everything...? The one called " Minha Saudade" │ "What funny and " maluca" (surreal) lyrics it has"… João Gilberto : " Funny...? Maluca...? │ I'm seeing, my friend, that after almost 40 years, you still haven't understood anything"...!

" Minha Saudade " (João Donato & João Gilberto)

Minha saudade is saudade de você, Que não quis levar de mim, a saudade de você. And it was for this reason that you gave me a sketch, but I had to leave a message to your voice. I have never gotten used to living without your love, But I have not managed to live without being healthy... Minha saudade é saudade de você, Que não quis levar de mim, a saudade de você...

The lyrics of " Minha Saudade" are short lyrics and seem very simple, but in reality they are complicated to sing and difficult to understand. Personally I agree with João Donato's assessment. I am of the opinion that the grammatical syntax and circular meaning in a complex literary loop of the lyrics of this fantastic song even seem inspired by those extravagant dialogues of: " the contracting party of the first part will be considered the contracting party of the second part". (Groucho Marx) ► Today is one of those days that is worth waking up for, just for the musical discovery of Naomi & Goro 's Bossa Antiga │ Bom dia RIO ...!

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