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JOÃO GILBERTO, the great forgotten...!

João Gilberto Prado Pereira de Oliveira ★ 06/10/1931 │ † 07/06/2019 Since that day (07/06/2019) when the great Brazilian musician João Gilberto died until today (10/07/2023) 4 years, 3 months have passed and 1 day.

And in all that time until today, there is not (not even in draft) a cultural project at the level of the City Council of the city of Rio de Janeiro, State (RJ) or Nation, to preserve its enormous musical legacy, or such time even to think about dedicating a cultural space in the city, in the form of a permanent thematic museum as a tribute "in memoriam " to the greatest Brazilian musician of all time.

In contrast and by comparison, comment that the majority of comedians, TV presenters, fashionable musicians, local artists coming and going, who died in the last 4 years and unknown to 99.9% of the international public, already physically have their avenue, street, cultural space or square with your name. João Gilberto has nothing...!

In practice, it seems that no one from the cultural circle and/or the media is the least bit interested in this unfair situation of permanent oblivion with João Gilberto ...

What João does have (as he had in life) is a legion of parasites on land, sea and air.

They are opportunistic journalists and media professionals, in their continuous search for gossip, rumor, absurd news without cultural value (invented or not) to later publish it on the front page in the worst kind of sensationalist press. Disgusting.

During the last few weeks, for example, the seedling parasites are very concerned with the personal relationship between family members and the final fate of João Gilberto's inheritance. But about the main topic at hand, not a word... For them, these "comadreos" are really important and transcendent topics for the cultural future of Brazil.

In reality, all of this is unfortunately a true reflection of the sad and degrading cultural and social level that Brazil is currently experiencing.

There is a growing (and perhaps irreversible) musical decline in the same country that for decades dazzled the world with the emergence and subsequent expansion of a new, revolutionary, sophisticated and transgressive music for the time, the " Bossa Nova ".

And within the Bossa Nova world, João Gilberto was the creator and main musician of this universal musical movement and/or genre, all the more reason to start some initiative to preserve his memory and legacy for future generations.

Brazil in general, cowardly and voluntarily forgets its greatest artist. A musician who changed everything in popular music │ Viva João Gilberto. ..!

I photographed you with my Rolleiflex camera and when I developed the photo, your enormous ingratitude appeared...!

Brazil, " Fotografei você com a minha Rolleiflex , revelou-se a sua enormous (and unjust) ingratidão "...! (Detuned │ Tom Jobim & Newton Mendonça)

PS: As an aggravating factor, I should also comment that if Buenos Aires has the "Museum of Tango", Lisbon has the "Muso del Fado", Cleeveland the "Museum of Rock & Roll", Seville the "Museum of Flamenco", Saint Louis the "Museum of of Blues", New Orleans the "Jazz Museum" or Vienna the "Museum of Classical Music", Bossa Nova, born in Rio de Janeiro at the end of the 1950s, completely lacks an official Museum or any space thematic cultural, where we can preserve and show fans from the five continents, the History and the immense legacy of that music that lives in the hearts of thousands of " Desafinados " and that is genuinely Carioca par excellence.

Summing up:

► 4 years, 3 months and 1 day │ 1,554 days without the João Gilberto Museum.

► 65 years, 2 months, and 25 days │ 28,830 days without the Bossa Nova Museum.

To be continue...

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