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Happy Anniversary, dear JOÃO GILBERTO │ 80 years

It was June 10, 1931...

On this day 80 years ago, João Gilberto Prado Pereira de Oliveira was born in the small town of Juazeiro, State of Bahia (BA) in Brazil .

That day, a genius of 20th Century music was born.

A man was born who a few decades later, with only a " violão " guitar and a softly tuned voice, changed absolutely everything in Brazilian Popular Music (MPB), influencing in its musical essence several generations of guitarists, musicians, singers, arrangers, etc... João also modified the rhythms, styles and other musical trends from the late 50's to the present.

He rescued and updated traditional themes, songs and Sambas which, after his personal interpretation (passed through his “ balanço ” and/or Bossa Nova sieve) sound very different, definitely modern, true works of art.

They are simply perfect and definitive songs. Impeccable, eternal...!

João Gilberto in New York │ Photos: Dario Zalis
João Gilberto in New York (2000) │ Photos: Dario Zalis

As if by magic, João Gilberto transformed everything extroverted and effervescent about traditional Samba into a minimalist and intimate meditation.

The Bossa Nova that he created, synthesized the instruments of a Samba School, in just the 6 strings of a violão. He opened and illuminated the paths of musicians and singers around the world.

Comment that a João Gilberto Concert has been officially announced for September 10 of this year 2011 at the Novo Rio musical space in the city of Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

In addition to being (as always) a media event, the main peculiarity in this case is that this show will be broadcast live via satellite to 200 theaters and cinemas around the world, with the most advanced sound, image technology. & video.

A true hug to all the "Desafinad@s" of the world, who are lucky enough to be contemporaries of João Gilberto , the myth who invented Bossa Nova .

The complete article in the cultural supplement "Segundo Caderno" of the Brazilian newspaper O Globo is interesting. dated 06/05/2011, dedicated to João Gilberto's birthday │ 80 years.

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