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Happy Anniversary, dear JOÃO GILBERTO │ 79 years

Bossa Nova Clube and all its " Desafinad@s ", we congratulate with all our admiration and affection to João Gilberto on his 79th anniversary, thanking him once again for the many emotions experienced with his music during all these years.

Hail João Gilberto │ The musician of our lives
Hail João Gilberto │ The musician of our lives

Honestly, I have spent several days thinking about some original and/or witty phrase as the main dedication and including it in this " post ". And among the different options, in the end the choice was the most obvious.

I have simply decided to consult the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), and publish here the name of the word "genius ".

Genius (from Latin Genius):

1. Spirit that inspires an art or virtue

2. Way of being, nature and distinctive character of each person

3. The highest degree of intellectual power that human beings can achieve

4. Great innate talent

5. Nature, character, temperament

6. Aptitude, natural disposition, vocation

7. Occasional disposition of the mood by which it appears cheerful, harsh or unsociable

8. Extraordinary mental capacity to create or invent new and admirable things

9. Person endowed with this faculty

And then I realized that the content was incomplete. I just added by hand, the missing definition:

10. João Gilberto Prado Pereira de Oliveira

Congratulations João Gilberto...!
Congratulations João Gilberto...!

► Also comment that for a couple of weeks, a new virtual thematic group has been running on Facebook .

We are proud to have created and manage the first João Gilberto International Fan Club .

Where the proposal is to study, listen, play, sing and exchange information about this great artist.

Because his music is a joy for the soul...!

► Dear João , Bossa Nova Clube knows that you really, really like this:

Renato Braz, Nailor Proveta & Edson Alves │ Silêncio │ Tribute to João Gilberto │ Farolito

PS ► This post was originally published on www, on 06.10.2010

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