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GOOD day RIO...!

I write this first post of 2010 from Rio de Janeiro (RJ) │ Brazil, the city where I have decided to permanently move my residence.

And of course, Bossa Nova Clube is part of my essential luggage...!

Carlos Anglada │ odeon14360 │ Rio de Janeiro (2010)
Carlos Anglada │ odeon14360 │ Rio de Janeiro (2010)

After a brief period of installation/acclimatization, I am preparing to develop the following sections with some regularity in this thematic Blog:

Bossa Nova News │ News, editorials and articles related to Bossa Nova, Samba, MPB and Choro, experienced in the first person.

Bossa Nova Tour │ Emblematic physical spaces and historical places in the city, related to Bossa Nova.

"Your Travel Guide" │ A detailed vision of the city of Rio, from a practical point of view. We will share with you all the charms, secrets, practical advice and/or suggestions.

The objective is that all this didactic material can serve as a true travel guide for the Desafinad@s whose tourist destination is the " Cidade Maravilhosa ".

Bossa Nova Vinyls │ Virtual market for vinyl collecting, discontinued records, limited edition LPs, etc...

Bossa Nova Art │ Editorials, paintings, engravings, artistic works in general, related to Bossa Nova and/or the city of Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

Bossa Nova Carioca │ Miscellaneous.

Bossa Nova Clube digital platform on the Internet │ links │ links (October 2021):

Bossa Nova Clube │ 1st ThematicBlog │ 2009 ~ 2021 → 395,000 entries │ 144 countries

João Gilberto International Fan Club │ Facebook Group → 1,500 Desafinad@s

Bossa Nova Clube │ YouTube Channel → 27,000 Subscribers

Bossa Nova Tube │ YouTube Channel → 170 Subscribers

Bossa Nova Figures │ YouTube Channel → 750 Subscribers

Bossa Nova Clube │ Facebook page → 2,100 Desafina@s

Bossa Nova Clube │ Facebook Group → 2,200 Desafina@s

Bossa Nova Tour │ Profile on Facebook → 2,500 Desafinad@s

Bossa Nova Rio │ Facebook profile → 800 Desafinad@s

Bossa Nova Tube │ Profile on Facebook → 1,800 Desafinad@s

Bossa Nova Figures │ Facebook profile → 2,300 Desafinad@s

Bossa Nova in Spanish │ Facebook profile → 800 Desafinad@s

Bossa Nova Clube │ Channel onVimeo

Bossa Nova Clube │ Stream on SoundCloud

Bossa Nova Clube │ Stream 01 on SoundCloud

Bossa Nova Clube │ Postcast in ivoox

Bossa Nova Clube │ Profile on Pinterest

Throughout my life I have lived with this passion for Brazilian music in general and for Bossa Nova in particular.

After so much time of comings and goings, I confess that the road has been long and complicated to finally get here.

And now that I am physically and officially "Carioca", curiously I realize that in reality I have always (in one way or another) lived in the " Cidade Maravilhosa ".

Good day Rio...!

PS ► This post was originally published on www, on 04/02/2010

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