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CARLOS ANGLADA │ The Madrilenian Bossa Nova (1st part)

In Madrid, in that month of July 2009, editing the first post of the old Bossa Nova Clube Blog (vintage), I could never imagine that one day I would write about myself.

The reason is the publication on the cover of the Second Cultural Notebook of the Brazilian newspaper "O Globo" with national circulation, of an extensive article about Bossa Nova Clube , written by the journalist Macedo Rodrigues. The header title of the written press publication dated 09/05/2016 read like this: "The Madrilenian Bossa Nova" ► Passionate about Brazilian music, the Spaniard Carlos Anglada Based in Rio de Janeiro for 6 years, he maintains a virtual Club with +6,000 members, in addition to possessing an important collection of relics and rarities related to Bossa Nova, such as an unpublished Songbook about João Gilberto .

While in the Digital Edition , "O Globo" headlined: "Spanish collector keeps the Bossa Nova flame alive"...!

Carlos Anglada │ The Bossa Nova from Madrid
Carlos Anglada │ Digital edition of "O Globo"

The initial agreement and idea for the edition of this dense article was based on the audio recording of a personal interview, supported by a concrete and detailed text that, after editorial review by "O Globo", would later be published.

Well, for reasons unknown to me, I sincerely believe that the final result of said publication has several omissions, data changes, inaccuracies and imprecisions, both in the agreed content and in the grammatical sense of some situations and/or relationships with third parties.

For this reason, I write below a complete and correct literary translation of the recorded interview, as well as a grammatical review of the article in the Spanish language with the appropriate rectifications, explanations, extensions and/or changes pertinent, faithful and in accordance with my reality and that of Bossa Nova Clube .

Carlos Anglada │ The Bossa Nova from Madrid
Carlos Anglada │ The Bossa Nova from Madrid

The publication in the written press dated 09/05/2016 by "O Globo" begins like this: ► The official celebration of João Gilberto 's 85th birthday on June 10 has practically passed blank.

There was no event, commemorative show, release of books, CDs or DVDs that reached the artist's followers.

The birthday of the most important musician in the History of Brazilian Music had practically no impact in the written or audiovisual media.

Nothing in line with the importance of the artist.

The date of June 10 is very important for Carlos Anglada 59 years old, a Spanish collector of audiovisual material and relics of Brazilian music.

Carlos created and registered Bossa Nova Clube in Madrid in 2008 , a personal, vocational and altruistic project, which has the purpose of preserving, promoting and disseminating Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) in general and Bossa Nova in particular.

This cultural organization is made up of the " Desafinados " (which is what the Bossa Nova-loving "partner" followers are called and recognize themselves).

The structure of Bossa Nova Clube is based on a large virtual platform on the internet. The objective achieved is to gather around it as a meeting point , thousands of musicians, fans and sympathizers from the five continents.

The "Desafinados" are passionate about this musical movement that is so Rio and Brazilian at the same time, which was born in Rio de Janeiro at the end of the 50's, and later conquered the musical Planet.

Bossa Nova Clube │ Detail of the newspaper footer
Bossa Nova Clube │ Detail of the newspaper footer

Bossa Nova Clube is proud to have created in 2010, the first João Gilberto International Fan Club b . A thematic group on the social network Facebook whose purpose is the preservation of the musical legacy of the great artist.

Among the "Desafinados" collaborators of Bossa Nova Clube , the Japanese musician Hideki Nakajima stands out, who in the middle of last July, sent by traditional mail from Nirasaki, a small city of about 33,000 inhabitants located about 150 km from Tokyo, a very special gift for his friend Anglada , who has lived in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) since 2010.

The heavy package contained 2 complete editions of the first and only Songbook of the complete works of João Gilberto .

This publication consists of 2 volumes with +200 songs, arranged by era and album, containing the exact coded transcription for violão (guitar), of the different sequences of dissonant chords by the brilliant João Gilberto .

In total, there are almost 1,000 pages of extraordinary work, crystalline, minimalist, meticulous and perfectionist, simply sensational...!

As a nice and personalized detail, I would like to say that the back covers of both Songbooks (2) were dedicated from the "factory".

On one you can read "by Carlos Anglada" and the other is also dedicated with a simple but intentional "by João" .

In the future, the man from Madrid has the difficult mission of trying to get Hideki 's masterpiece into the hands of João Gilberto .

Songbook João Gilberto │ 2 volumes │ Hideki Nakajima
Songbook João Gilberto │ 2 volumes │ Hideki Nakajima

Stories and experiences like this populate Anglada 's old (vintage) Blog, as well as its new website, inaugurated this year 2022.

Between both versions, today its Bossa Nova Clube has hundreds of thousands of entries, representing the "Desafinados" from 146 countries.

Also comment that the Bossa Nova Clube Channel on YouTube has content of more than 1,100 titles, including Concerts, video clips and documentaries.

With frequent updates, this Channel boasts of being the largest and best selection of Brazilian music videos.

This is demonstrated by the +5,000,000 plays and +30,000 subscribers.

In the task of promoting, disseminating and caring for Brazilian popular music, Carlos Anglada has recently launched another thematic Channel on the YouTube platform, aimed at all those who want to learn to play the violão (guitar) and sing, with the best repertoire. of the genre.

The songs performed in the classroom videos contain careful harmonies of dissonant chords, difficult to find in tutorials or standard manuals. The space is called Bossa Nova Cifras .

Professional and/or amateur musicians such as Christophe Rousseau (France), Yoko Otake (Japan), Verve Kakajima (Japan), Augusto Alves (Brazil), Murilo Cleto (Brazil), Germán Bense (Uruguay), etc. collaborate on this Channel. , with gradual incorporations of new musicians planned.

And this is how international friendships, virtual shows, exchange of musical information, sheet music, songbooks, audio files, video, etc. arise.

As the great Johnny Alf said, " Bossa Nova is a state of mind ", and the "Desafinados" of Bossa Nova Clube demonstrate this with their frequent generosity.

Bossa Nova Clube │ Bossa Nova is a philosophy of life...!
Bossa Nova Clube │ Bossa Nova is a philosophy of life...!

As a collector, the Spaniard is recognized in the environment as one of the most active and astute "searchers" for 78, 33 1/3 (LP) and 45 rpm records. João Gilberto in Brazil.

Among his most prized acquisitions, the one that excites him the most is the vinyl considered the framework of the Bossa Nova. The historic album is " Chega de Saudade " of 78 rpm. (1958).

The mythical odeon14360 by João Gilberto , the vinyl with which it all started...!

" Chega de Saudade " , a performance of only 1' 59'', which changed everything in Brazilian Popular Music ( MPB ), also definitively influencing Jazz, both classical and contemporary.

- "To this day, I speak with collectors who say and affirm that finding copies in the 78 rpm vinyl format of João Gilberto in good condition is practically impossible"... - "These vinyls, heritage of Musical History from Brazil are "the unicorn" of Bossa Nova , and I never gave up looking for them to preserve them in the future," says Anglada .

- "One day I woke up in the middle of the night as if someone was calling me, out of inertia I connected the computer and did an absurd and intensive search on Google, writing (until now I don't know why) the name of João Gilberto in all the wrong ways and grammatically possible.

I only had success, when I placed Gilberto with two teas at the end (Gilbertto), and the miracle happened"...!

- "It was then, when that morning I found an Italian private seller on Ebay, who was asking only €2 for the odeon14360 vinyl .

Fate was shamelessly giving me the opportunity to obtain that beauty.

The truly amazing thing is that the Italian seller had the album in a temporary auction and there was no previous bid. The online auction was active and the purchasing period ended in 10 minutes. Nervous about the importance of the moment, I immediately covered the initial value of the disk, 2 €uros. On another laptop, I had another bid of €10 prepared, in case there was another last-minute buyer online who might react to my initial bid. Every 10 seconds it refreshed the PC screen to update the auction in real time. Those 10 minutes seemed eternal, 10,9,8,7....3,2,1... Purchase made. Incredible"...!

- "In a subsequent communication by e-mail with the young Italian, he told me that he was selling the collection of all the old and "unknown" records that he had inherited from his grandfather. Now the "absurd" economic value was explained. The lack of knowledge musical performance of the young Italian was total".

- "The album odeon14360 , from the city of Florence, arrived in Madrid perfect, and its physical condition was and is impeccable. Blessed morning...rsrsrs"...!

Carlos & Carlos │ Desafinado by João Gilberto│ odeon14426
Carlos & Carlos │ Desafinado by João Gilberto│ odeon14426

One of those very rare records was given by Carlos Anglada as a personal donation to Carlos Alberto Afonso, owner of the Toca do Vinícius Cultural Space in Ipanema (RJ).

Specifically, it is the 78 rpm album Desafinado by João Gilberto (1958). (odeon14426), and was delivered on 09/27/2013, at the commemorative event of the 20 years of Toca do Vinícius.

The final idea is to exhibit it along with other important objects, in the future Museu da Bossa Nova, a project by Carlos Alberto himself.

Due to its impeccable cultural and formal trajectory, the Toca de Vinícius is the Reference Center for Bossa Nova in the city of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil and in the world.

- "Carlos Alberto Afonso, is like my musical brother. Since we met many years ago, we have always been on the same dissonant and out-of-tune tune, we live in Bossa Nova tune.

- "Carlos is a tireless worker "for the cause", which is none other than the dissemination and preservation of the music that we are passionate about. Culture x Culture, a personal objective so simple and so complicated at the same time.

- "Like the old teaching professor that he was, Carlos Alberto communicates perfectly with everyone who visits La Toca daily.

- "If the diplomatic position existed, you would undoubtedly be deservedly appointed, Your Excellency, Ambassador Bossa Nova."

- "Without a doubt, the future Museu Bossa Nova, in addition to being the ideal place for conservation, memory and exhibition of articles, objects and relics related to this important musical movement, will be a physical meeting point for researchers, musicians and students.

Conferences, presentations, musical master classes, etc., are among the objectives and projects to be carried out in said Cultural Space."

Shortly, and to complete the extensive article "El Madrileño Bossa Nova" from the newspaper "O Globo", two new chapters will be published:

▲ Personal experiences and/or anecdotes related to Bossa Nova (Chapter 2)Who will be able to play like João Gilberto | Hideki Nakajima (Chapter 3)

To be continued │ It will continue...

PS ► This post was originally published on m on 04.04.2017

João Gilberto International Fan Club │ Facebook │ We are waiting for you...!

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