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BOSSA NOVA │ More than music

At the end of the 50's in the city of Rio de Janeiro │ Brazil, a cultural and artistic phenomenon occurred that had its origin mainly in a new musical, rhythmic, harmonic and/or creative perception of a group of adolescents from middle class.

Among them, a young, practically unknown, self-taught Bahian musician named João Gilberto Prado Pereira de Oliveira stood out from the beginning.

João Gilberto Prado Pereira de Oliveira
João Gilberto Prado Pereira de Oliveira

João Gilberto with his exceptional talent, filtered and synthesized the essential parts of traditional Samba, reaching the most minimal and intimate form possible. And just with his soft voice and his violão (guitar), he created a new, unknown and transgressive rhythm.

A true musical magic that is at the same time extremely sophisticated as it is simple. Bossa Nova is born .

In reality, basically Bossa Nova was and is a new and different way ( bossa ) of interpreting and/or playing Samba.

Historically, it was July 10, 1958 when João Gilberto entered the Rio studios of the Odeon record company, to record a Samba-canção composition by Antônio Carlos Jobim & Vinícius de Moraes, called " Chega de Saudade ", " Enough of Nostalgia ".

This recording of only 1'59'' would change everything in Brazilian Popular Music (MPB), subsequently influencing other music, mainly Jazz.

odeon14360 │ 78 rpm vinyl
odeon14360 │ 78 rpm vinyl

Inside the microgrooves of the side (A) of the legendary 78 rpm vinyl. with serial number 14,360, the magic formula of that new rhythm would be forever recorded:

"Traditional samba + harmonic sequence of dissonant chords + rhythm (balanço) on time + offbeat + silence ."

That July 10, 1958 , Bossa Nova was officially born, more than a music, defined as " a state of spirit " by the unforgettable musician Johnny Alf, eternal " Rapaz de Bem ."

A few weeks ago, the 64th anniversary of the origin of that extraordinary music that was born in the southern area of Rio de Janeiro and later seduced and conquered the world was celebrated.

In these frenetic times: - Where new rhythms, trends, styles, fashions and/or musical aesthetics of all types and conditions continually emerge.

- Where the fierce, cold and calculating marketing of the main world record labels has as its sole and main objective that of increasing (the more the better) the sales volume. - Where pure consumerism fights in cruel competition with the same mediocrity of the other musical "brands."

- Where the main record labels have lost (perhaps definitively) the sense and philosophy of good taste, always based on quality music, etc...

Bossa Nova , due to its extreme quality and beauty, continues to excite the world, proudly showing that 1/2 century is nothing, that it is used to surviving routine and aggressive commercial fashions, because it is more than music... !

Bossa Nova is eternal, because it lives in the hearts of thousands of musicians and "Desafinados" from the five continents.

PS ► This post was originally edited on the Bossa Nova Clube vintage Blog ( 03.07.2009)

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