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Alignment of the Senses

It happened this weekend and it was by chance. I was having breakfast at home, listening to music and it happened suddenly... Specifically, I remember that I was peeling and starting to eat a mango (manga) and listening to a selection of Sambas by Moacyr Luz, Paulinho da Viola, Batatinha...

Then, as the first chords of the song “Nó na madeira” by João Nogueira began to play , as if by magic, I experienced an emotion unknown to me until now.

For a few moments, surprised by that clear and fantastic euphoric sensation, I had the sensation as if, moved by a strange natural spring, all my senses and perceptions were, for once, in agreement. A kind of "Alignment of the Senses".

It was as if by chance, he had found some combination hidden in the Cosmos.

Quite a surprise, for which I still have no rational explanation.

He had virtually pulled Excalibur (King Arthur's sword) out of the stone...!

Now, when I start having breakfast, lunch, dinner, I am absurdly attentive to the different combinations of food and drinks, while listening to João Gilberto, James Taylor, Tom Jobim, Cartola, etc..., to see if suddenly, I find another pair perfect.

Does it only happen once in a lifetime...?

Although (logically) personal taste is an important and/or fundamental part of the elements to use, my masterful and magical formula that I wanted to share with you is:

► Ripe, peeled mango, (eating it with your hands) and listening to “Nó na Madeira” by João Nogueira …, Uhmmm… Unforgettable… │ Do you want to try…?

Important: If any Desafinado has or finds one or another perfect pair " perfect duets ", please write the experience in comments │ Thank you...!

PS ► This post was originally published on on 05/31/2010

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