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91st Anniversary of the birth of JOÃO GILBERTO │ "The musician of our lives"...!

On a day like today, João Gilberto Prado Pereira de Oliveira was born in a small town in the interior of the State of Bahia (BA).

On June 10, 1931, exactly 91 years ago today, a musical alchemist was born.

A sound researcher was born, a creator of new, universal, timeless, sophisticated and transgressive music.

At the end of the 1950s, João Gilberto discovered the magic formula of a music that seems simple and minimalist due to its apparent simplicity, but that in practice is very complex, both in its composition and in its dissonant, pirating elaboration. of syncopations on time and off-beat at the same time.

On June 10, a lover and accomplice of silence was also born. A silence that is very present in all his interpretations.

Far from the sea, in the shade of the tamarind tree in the square of the Juazeiro church, Joãozinho, a 16-year-old boy, played the violão and sang insistently, without knowing that several decades later the Tokyo public would give him standing applause for half an hour when he end of a concert.

That boy could not even intuit that with just a violão (classical guitar) and his soft voice, he would change everything in Brazilian music forever, subsequently influencing other musical styles, mainly Jazz.

That music is Bossa Nova , a new way ( bossa ) of playing Samba.

All with JOÃO GILBERTO,...! ❤
10.06.2022 │ Everyone with JOÃO...! ❤

► In the III edition of the " Chega de Saudade " project, the Desafinados of BOSSA NOVA CLUBE show once again their admiration and affection for the brilliant Brazilian musician.

Special thanks to little Sofía Gilberto (granddaughter of João Gilberto ) and her mother Adriana Magalhães Hoineff, for their participation in this tribute.

Sofía Gilberto │ Garota Bossa Nova
Sofía Gilberto │ Garota Bossa Nova

Sofía Gilberto is a " garota " full of spontaneity, joy and musical talent.

Talent that he shows in first person, on his entertaining and interesting website directly related to Bossa Nova.

▲ João's Samba, João's Samba...

It is this continuous obsession with perfection and his musical honesty, which has made João Gilberto the "musician of our lives" for millions of fans (Desafinados) and musicians in the world.

Thanks João...!


And coincidentally today our favorite Desafinad@ also has her birthday, Miss Elidé , the Madrid-born Elidé , the charming person Elidé Manzano Sosa .

Elidé Manzano Sosa │ The "chulapa" of Madrid
Elidé Manzano Sosa │ The "chulapa" of Madrid

It seems like it was yesterday (but it's been 9 years) when BOSSA NOVA CLUBE congratulated you for the first time. That time it was about reaching the world in Madrid, Spain.

Since then, you are an example (and it is not a cliché) of responsibility, honesty, respect, sincerity, loyalty and other values that unfortunately are increasingly difficult to find in our society.

Happy Birthday Elidé , I leave you here along with 9 kisses, a song that I know you like a lot...

► Who knows if one day, you don't record a video singing " O Pato " │ qüem, qüem, qüem, qüem │ qüem, qüem, qüem, qüem │ João Gilberto and Elidé também, qüem qüem...

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