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5 years without JOÃO GILBERTO │ The musician of our lives

João Gilberto Prado Pereira de Oliveira ★ 06/10/1931 │ † 07/06/2019

Despite having already spent 5 years without João Gilberto , it seems like yesterday when I read (in real time) on the social network Facebook: "My father has passed away. His fight was noble, he tried to maintain his dignity in light of losing his sovereignty".

With this brief text, João Marcelo communicated from the United States to the world the death of his father João Gilberto .

Eternally João...!
Eternally João...!

I also remember the media impact in the world of the Arts, announcing the death of João Gilberto . That day, the news in different countries echoed the sad news: " João Gilberto, the creator of Bossa Nova , has died in Rio de Janeiro at the age of 88 "...!

There were also many of us " Desafinados " who on the 08th were at his wake at the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro to symbolically thank him for his magical contribution to the music of Brazil and the world.

It was very exciting to sing for him as a farewell " Chega de Saudade ", the song that started it all...

" I barely try to sing without damaging the poetic and musical sense of the compositions │ This is how you manage not to fall into excesses or artificial figures │ I follow the natural course of things, it is important to give to the notes, the words and the silence, a protagonism in a way and form that is intimate, simple, true ." ( João Gilberto, 1959).

Personally, it will always be a great privilege to have been a contemporary of one of the most important musicians of all time │ João Gilberto changed and illuminated my life.

I hope the new generations who have not had our privilege, listen, play, sing, study, love João Gilberto │ Because his music is exciting, detoxifying and a joy for the soul...!

João Gilberto's legacy is infinite...!
João Gilberto legacy is infinite...!


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