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3 years without JOÃO GILBERTO │ The musician of our lives

J oão Gilberto Prado Pereira de Oliveira ★ 06/10/1931 │ † 07/06/2019 When on June 10, 2019 I wrote in the old Bossa Nova Clube Blog: " Happy anniversary, dear João Gilberto │ 88 years old " I couldn't even imagine, that a few days later he would be editing another text related to the death of the brilliant musician.

João Gilberto died on Saturday, July 6, around three in the afternoon, at his home on Rua Carlos Góes, 234 - apartment 802, Leblon neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), at the age of 88.

In recent months and for reasons related to his personal and financial life linked to his family, João was sad, fragile, weakened and what was most worrying, unwilling to play his violão...!

Eternally João Gilberto (1931 ~ 2019)
Eternally João Gilberto (1931 ~ 2019)

The world learned of his death through a brief note written on Facebook by his son João Marcelo, who from the United States said:

" My father has passed away. His fight was noble, he tried to maintain his dignity in light of losing his sovereignty. I thank my family (on my side of the family) for being there for him, and Gustavo for being a true friend and for taking care of him like one of us.

Finally, I would like to thank María do Céu for being by his side until the end. She was his true friend and companion." Gustavo is the lawyer Gustavo Carvalho Miranda │ Specialist in heritage and/or inheritance issues. Maria do Céu Harris is a former "intermittent friend", whose main objective currently is to be able to register and/ or or demonstrate his stable union with João Gilberto . Also comment that João Gilberto leaves three children: João Marcelo Gilberto - Son of Astrud Gilberto & João Gilberto Isabel (Bebel) Gilberto - Daughter of Miucha & João Gilberto Luisa (Lulú) Carolina Gilberto - Daughter of. Claudia Faissol & João Gilberto

Perhaps the Samba " Violão Amigo " summarizes in summary what João Gilberto 's life has been in recent years...

Violão Amigo │ Bide & Armando Marçal

Violão friend, listen to my "ays" (ills)

Listen to my secrets, I can't take it anymore

Maybe you understand my feelings

I want to express in this Samba everything I suffered

Whoever laughed at me will surely cry when he sees someone singing...

I was a poet now without wanting to

I sang my suffering in verses

Violão friend, I sing seeking my consolation

I bring that intense pain in my heart, violão....

Whoever laughed at me will surely cry when he sees someone singing...!

"Violão Amigo", I bring that intense pain in my heart....
"Violão Amigo", I bring that intense pain in my heart....

The funeral of João Gilberto was held on Monday, July 8, at the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro (RJ). From the early hours of the morning, thousands of people went to show our great admiration and affection for one of the most important musicians in the history of universal music.

Especially exciting was the last moment, where we sang in tune a farewell to João , the song " Chega de Saudade ."

The song that started it all...

The emblematic music, synthesis and framework of Bossa Nova .

João only needed 1'59'' to change everything in Brazilian Popular Music (MPB).

His modern musical conception also influenced the most diverse musical styles and genres, mainly Jazz.

Also comment that due to those whims that fate has, this mythical song was curiously recorded on July 10, 1958 in the recording studio of the Odeon record company, located on the 4th floor of the São Borja building, on Avda. Rio Branco, 277 │ Cinelândia.

This recording studio was located just 100 meters from the Municipal Theater, where the funeral took place.

A date (07/10) that for only 2 days (07/08) does not coincide exactly with said wake.

The global repercussion of João Gilberto 's death in the world of the Arts has been great. The news from different countries echoed the news: "The creator of Bossa Nova has died in Rio de Janeiro at the age of 88"...!

And João Gilberto He does not interpret, in each music he composes.

He is an involuntary musical creator.

In the musical performance of each song, João creates " ao vivo " in front of the audience and/or in the studio, a new work, repeating his new creation in a magical loop.

The original music, after passing through João 's sieve , has a particular melody that is delayed and/or advanced in time and offbeat. Crafted this time with a sophisticated dissonant harmony very different from the original.

The final result is simply definitive...!

" I barely try to sing without damaging the poetic and musical sense of the compositions │ This is how you manage not to fall into excesses or artificial figures │ I follow the natural course of things, it is important to give to the notes, the words and the silence, a protagonism in a way and form that is intimate, simple, true ." (J oão Gilberto, 1959).

João Gilberto's legacy is infinite.
João Gilberto's legacy is infinite...

Personally, it has been a great privilege to be a contemporary of one of the most important musicians of all time │ João Gilberto changed and illuminated my life.


I hope the new generations who have not had our privilege, study, listen, play, sing, love João Gilberto │ Because his music is exciting, detoxifying and a joy for the soul...!

PS ► This post was originally published on on 07/25/2019

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