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12.22.2021 │ Inauguration │ Opening │ Official Website of BOSSA NOVA

As we announced last September 10 in the old thematic blog (vintage) of Bossa Nova Clube , we had the project of inaugurating a new official website this month .

Today, December 22, 2021, we begin a new stage here.

For more than 11 years and due to the increasing audience growth, we needed a new virtual home that was more structured, intuitive and with a more modern and functional design, to be able to develop this exciting music more and better.

12.22.2021 │ Inauguration │ Inauguration │ Opening │ Bossa Nova Clube Website
12.22.2021 │ Inauguration │ Opening │ Bossa Nova Clube Website

We present a new "meeting point" that is organized in the following sections:

HOME - Front page of the website │ Main image │ Restart.

IDENTITY - Meaning and philosophy of Bossa Nova Clube │ Declaration of intentions.

BLOG - Main part of the website │ It is divided into the following categories:

- BOSSA NOVA : " Post " articles directly related to Bossa Nova │ Artists │ Biographies │ News │ Anniversaries │ Concert Chronicles │ News, etc...

- JOÃO GILBERTO : Thematic space dedicated to the legacy of the musician in our lives.

- OUT OF LINE : News related to the members of Bossa Nova Clube.

- MISCELLANEOUS : Mix of topics and news related to Brazilian Popular Music (MPB).

- MUSIC : Relevant songs of Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) in general and Bossa Nova in particular │ History of the same │ Lyrics │ Translations.

- VIOLÃO : Section dedicated to all those who play the guitar " violão " │ Ciphers.

- RIO DE JANEIRO : In collaboration with the Web " Your Travel Guide " we will regularly publish the thousand and one places, charms and secrets of the " Cidade Maravilhosa ".

Our goal is for this section to be a true information guide.

n for visitors and/or tourists whose future destination is the city of Rio de Janeiro .

Special mention for the physical places where Bossa Nova was born, grew up, lived and/or lives today.

- VINYL : Collectible records │ Fundamental pieces in the History of Bossa Nova.

CONTACT : Space for the Bossa Nova Clube subscription form . Officially it is an active part of the great International family of Desafinados.

STORE : Online sale of items and products related to Bossa Nova │ Made in Brazil.

In addition to this new website, the virtual presence of Bossa Nova Clube on the Internet │ links │ links are the following (December 2021):

Bossa Nova Clube : 1st ThematicBlog (vintage) / 2009 ~ 2021 / 400,000 entries / 144 countries.

► J oão Gilberto International Fan Club : Group on Facebook / 1,650 Detuned.

Bossa Nova Clube : YouTube Channel / 27,400 Subscribers.

Bossa Nova Tube : YouTube Channel / 170 Subscribers.

Bossa Nova Figures : YouTube Channel / 800 Subscribers.

Bossa Nova Clube : Facebook Page / 2,100 Detuned.

Bossa Nova Clube : Group on Facebook / 2,400 Detuned.

Bossa Nova Tour : Facebook profile / 2,500 Detuned.

Bossa Nova Rio : Facebook profile / 900 Detuned.

Bossa Nova Tube : Facebook profile / 1,800 Detuned.

Bossa Nova Figures : Facebook profile / 2,300 Detuned.

Bossa Nova in Spanish : Facebook profile / 280 Detuned.

Bossa Nova Clube : Channel onVimeo

Bossa Nova Clube : Stream on SoundCloud

Bossa Nova Clube : Stream 01 on SoundCloud

Bossa Nova Clube : Postcast in ivoox

Bossa Nova Clube : Profile on Pinterest / 4,400 entries per month.

All this makes BOSSA NOVA CLUBE currently the largest and most complete Bossa Nova digital platform in the world. Thank you for this privilege...!

We are also proud to have created and managed the 1st JOÃO GILBERTO International Fan Club since 2010. │ The musician of our lives...!

Carlos Anglada │ Little Club │ Beco das Garrafas │ Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Carlos Anglada │ Little Club │ Beco das Garrafas (RJ)

During this period of time that we have lived through, the world has changed and as a consequence, people's social and economic circumstances have changed as well.

BOSSA NOVA CLUBE has managed to remain faithful to its identity by definition:

" BOSSA NOVA CLUBE is a musical, personal, vocational and altruistic project that aims to preserve, promote and disseminate Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) in general and Bossa Nova in particular Because Bossa Nova is a philosophy of life ". ..!

Finally, I encourage you to leave your comments at the end of each " post ". It is always interesting to interact and learn about your different points of view.

As always, if you have any suggestions or ideas to improve this new website, you can send it to:

Hugs from Rio de Janeiro (RJ)...!

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